Bluegrass & BBQ w/ Rose Valley Thorns

Sat 8/6 @5:00 pm

Join us for lip-smacking BBQ, ice cold beer and LIVE Bluegrass music by The Rose Valley Thorns on Friday and Saturday night at 5 p.m.!

The Rose Valley Thorns, with their youthful energy and eclectic musical influences, are pushing forward on the front of progressive bluegrass and modern folk while paying homage to the old legends of classic genres. The stunningly beautiful Rose Valley lies in the mountains above the creative community of Ojai, California, a place which has inspired and nurtured the individual and collective artists that The Rose Valley Thorns have become. With aspects of jazz, ragtime, classical, rock, folk, country, and most importantly bluegrass, the Thorns have created a sound that is truly unique and refreshing.

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