Rob Staley

Sat 12/3 @9:00 pm

Rob Staley Band will perform live at Gilley's Saloon, Dance Hall & BBQ for the NFR After Party on Friday night, December 2 at 11:30PM and Saturday night, December 3 at 9PM.

Rob Staley is a talented young Country Music artist living in Los Angeles, California. Since relocating from his small hometown of Plattsburgh, in rural upstate New York, Rob is quickly becoming a part of the fabric of the So-Cal country music scene. Rob, the 26 year old country singer/guitarist, has not only talent and ability, but a genuine love and respect for “Real Country Music”… the kind performed by the great country legends, both past and present. Although he won’t boast to the face, Rob Staley is “Real Country”, you could say, “The Real Deal”… but he will readily tell you that he is proud to be a country singer and proud to be apart of the great American tradition of country and Western Music.

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